Why are socialists rioting against hard left socialist policies?

Posted: November 11, 2010 in Students
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I am very confused today.

The new student fees are potentially trebling. However, the rules regarding who pays for them and when have been changed radically.

Under the new system, no student will have to pay up front.  That means that access to higher education will be equally open to ALL students regardless of background.

The new repayment structure means that people who earn less than 20K after graduation, will not have to pay anything back at all.  The old limit was about 15K  So more students will pay nothing at all, than is currently the case.

There will only be a requirement to repay in full when the (former) student has reached a degree of financial success which allows them to be able to afford to repay.

Under this new system the rich pay more and the poor pay less and the poorest pay nothing.


Why should my taxes be invested in these students if they are NOT prepared to invest in themselves?  In fact it is not even an investment for the students as that word suggests a risk.  This system means that they do not have to pay unless and until they can afford to pay.  That is not a risk, it is a dead cert!

It is like betting on a horse race, but not being required to pay the stake until after the horse race has finished, and only IF your horse has won!  The tax-payer has to pay the stakes on all the losing bets!

WHY are socialists rioting about this? It is a fantastic deal for poor students and it sticks it to the rich.

To me, this reaction by the left shows their hatred of the poor.  They obviously want the poor to pay more and the rich, less.  Just like when labour doubled the income tax of the poorest workers whilst giving billions to billionaire bankers.

I mean seriously, WHAT THE FUCK?


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