Well the BBC certainly surprised me last night.

Seeing Stephanie Flanders and Toenails on the News at ten eating humble pie was refreshing, however toenails almost admitted the truth, it must have been very very painful for him.

To paraphrase what he said, “Confidence is a very important thing and the GDP growth figures and what the ratings agency Standard and Poor said will give them a boost which runs counter to the narrative of the labour party, and they would say, some sections of the press, have been saying for the past few months, with talk of double dips and strangled recoveries.”

That is as close as they can get to admit that the BBC have also been shamelessly and continuously talking down the economy and trying hard to set the agenda and the tone of the nation in order to kill the confidence and send us into a double dip recession.

Toenails admitted that Confidence is fundamentally important. The BBC have been relentless in their attack on that confidence, using every bulletin on every channel and every radio-station, with their phone-ins and vox-pops all being used to undermine confidence hour after hour, day-in, day-out for months.

The BBC almost admitted that last night, and almost admitted that they had failed too.