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In case this is moderated on Guido’s blog, (and I do not mind if it is, as it is after all, HIS blog), I felt this was a pointer as to how I feel at the moment.

In reply to ‘sophie’ who wrote:

the Tory party should consider the long term implications for the party if they continue with third way internationalist dogma

Yeah, sophie, they will have to share power with those third way traitors the liberal democrats, or the other third way traitors, the labour party.

Either way, the people in this country are so fucking ignorant, dumbed down, chemically dociled, brainwashed by the mainstream media and kept distracted with eastenderstrictlyXfactorTalentselebrityfootball bullshit that they will never, repeat, never vote those traitors OUT of power.

UKIP are the closest thing to what is needed and they will be very very lucky if they even get ONE MP in the next decade. However the entire mass of the mainstream media will do everything they can to prevent this as the media are run by people who are part of the same establishment as the liblabcon third way.

They are all part of the same media that lied to you about Iraq’s WMD and who have STILL failed to hold those war criminals to account and STILL accord those same war criminals with the respect due to their former high office.

They lie about what the war on terror really is and about who the terrorists really are.

They are the same media that lies to you daily about human induced climate disruption too.

The media is NOT our watchdog watching the people in power. It is the reverse. It is THEIR watchdog manipulating us! They create a false consensus reality in which the corrupt politicians, bankers and industrialists are our “democratic and honest leaders”

They create the consensus reality in which our inexorable and irreversible slide towards global dictatorship, either to keep us safe from terrorists or to mitigate against climate change, is assured and subtly presented to us an inevitable and good thing.

If UKIP ever looked close to winning power, even as part of a coalition, the powers that be would change the voting system to stop them.

So either way, unless a mass and secret democratic uprising can be arranged, (because we do not ‘do’ revolutions in this country, it is so not British), we are stuck with these third way traitors for the long term!

And I know that this is a negative and defeatist rant, but I am tired and I have been fighting to awaken people for about 20 years now.

All I see is people eventually waking up, ‘getting it’, becoming furious, then becoming frustrated, giving up and going back to sleep because in this reality, ignorance really IS bliss!