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The BBC Breakfast news business editor, Simon Jack, accidentally let his bias slip out this morning.  Interviewing a man from the the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), he was questioning him about their report which claims that the total number of jobs lost over the next 5 years will be 1.6million.  Adding these to the 2.5 million currently he gleefully said, “so that will take unemployment up to 4 million then.”

“No” came the reply, “these jobs will be replaced by increases elsewhere in the private sector leaving unemployment level with where it is now”.

“Oh” Said Simon, “That was not as bad as we’d hoped“.

The BBC really DOES want the economy to crash.


In the news headline review the BBC again stated that the CIPD predicted 1.6 million job losses, WITHOUT the additional news as clarified by the CIPD that this will be offset by private sector employment increases elsewhere in this economy.  I guess that is too inconvenient for those fearmongers at the BBC.